About Destroy The Bookie

Since 2012 we have been helping players learn how to Destroy the Bookie & make a profit. We have accomplished this by taking advantage of the one flaw that 99% of the betting public has. Let us explain…

What is a line maker and what is there job?

Most people think there job is to set a line where 50% of the public bets one side and 50% of the public bets the other. Then the houses kicks back and takes the vig a.k.a the juice.

Well that is what they want you to think. From the time you placed your first wager this is what you have been lead to believe. And it all seems so logical… BUT IT COULDN’T BE ANYTHING FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Until you realize what this built-in mega advantage the house has over you & how you can exploit it…. YOU WILL NEVER WIN!  The odds are just stacked against you.

The lines makers don’t handicap the games. They handicap where the money is going to go & your money is not a part of that equation.

The books only care about 5% of the sports bettors out there. But that 5% accounts for over 90% of the money on certain games! Sounds like a lot of financial markets. Large investors and institutions, those who have the most to lose don’t throw darts at a board like the public does. They place their money on sure bets!

It’s a huge cat and mouse game between Vegas & the Offshore Books against the 5%. It’s all about the Trap Line, Dummy Moves, Reverse Lines, and The Bait & Buy Back Techniques along with a lot of other sophisticated tactics they play against each other.

Whoever gets the slight advantage… IS THE BIG WINNER FOR THE DAY!

This is where lines makers spend the majority of their time, PROTECTING AGAINST WHERE THEIR GREATEST LIABILITIES CAN COME FROM! In other words THE GAMES YOU NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM!

The other games which is basically the majority of every other play on the board is where the easy money comes from. The books simply don’t care about these games. It is the $50K-$100K bet they need to protect themselves from. We can bang the book all day for $50-$5,000 bets, it doesn’t faze them. This is where the opportunity lies & where we help you succeed.

By knowing what games to play and what games to stay away from we help the average player maximize his bankroll. We don’t want the big client like everyone else. We want the guys who can bet $50-$5,000 a game and allow our system to make you profits. So if that sounds like you get on board and